The Cranach Foundation and Volunteering

Volunteering at the Cranach Foundation offers many people the opportunity to commit their time and talents to a project that receives no institutional funding and enriches cultural life in the heart of the city. The historic walls of the Cranach family of painters tell their own story to an interested public. When such a place is still accompanied and cared for by enthusiastic people, it is a special impression that guests take away with them from our city.

For over 20 years, the Cranach-Lädchen has been opened and access to the exhibitions made possible by women volunteers. This particularly valuable example speaks for trust and recognition of voluntary work on the one hand and the joy of doing something for other people on the other. The shop is the gateway to the world of the Cranachs. With many small souvenirs and beautiful articles, the visitor's eye is first attracted before one can immerse oneself in the Cranach family history in the exhibition rooms. Supervision in the gallery rooms is also carried out on a voluntary basis at weekends.

The Cranach Foundation offers many other ways to get involved and support the Cranach Courts project. For example, the large courtyard festivals, cultural events or the maintenance of the garden offer the opportunity to get involved. We are very happy about any support, also of a manual kind, and cordially invite you to contact us by phone 03491 - 420 19 11 or by e-mail: to indicate your interest.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to get involved with other people and become part of a community that works for the Cranach-Hofe project in our city and for its guests. In the encounter and togetherness in this task, you become part of this society and can also experience its personal fulfilment and enrichment.

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