Summer workshop weeks in the youth art school

Have you always wanted to know what you can do in the youth art school? Would you like to try different techniques and implement your ideas? Would you like to try out your language and photography skills and go beyond the limits you have set yourself? Would you like to create crazy animal worlds, illustrate books, fall into a frenzy of colors, rediscover letters, build a folding book or spice up the contents of your wardrobe?

Then take a look at our program and come over!

From the 26.07. until 07/30/8/16 until 08/20 and 23.08. to 27.08.2021 we guarantee wonderful, creative and unforgettable art experiences for everyone aged 6-18 years!

No previous knowledge is required.

And this year, too, we are offering all children whose parents have to work childcare in the painting school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and, if requested, lunch.

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