School projects in the painting school

School with a difference

The school projects are to be understood as supplementary, extracurricular educational offers for all school types and age groups.

We want to offer children and young people cultural education in a place steeped in history in an aesthetic ambience. In well-equipped workshops under the guidance of experienced artists, educators and craftsmen, we have conceived project themes which, in addition to theoretical and historical knowledge of art, above all impart basic knowledge of artistic, creative work. The joy of doing and the training of sensual perception are important to us.

The topics and contents of the projects are developed by the art teachers and artists in an interdisciplinary way. It is possible to book thematic projects as well as individual techniques. The projects are suitable for a class size of 20 - 30 pupils for one or two mornings.

You can find the topics in the catalogue. Of course, we will be happy to advise you personally. Please contact us for this purpose.
Please make an appointment in good time!

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