Kitchen Brigade

04.10.2023 - 20:00 Uhr

Cathy Marie is a sous chef in a star restaurant and is about to fullfill her dream of opening her own restaurant. But then she messes with her boss once too often and suddenly finds herself without a job. Finding work at her level turns out to be hopeless, so she is forced to take what is available:

Canteen cook in a home for underage refugees, canned ravioli, microwave and a rather unsuspecting but highly motivated kitchen brigade made up of residents.

Her dream has faded far away. Or maybe not?

comedy-drama | France 2022 | 97 minutes | FSK 0


Tickets for 8.00 € at the box office on site.

Location: In the hall of the Evangelical Academy, Schlossplatz 1d, Lutherstadt Wittenberg |

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